When the Impossible Becomes Reality

Shortly after I arrived in Vancouver (we’re talking the very same day) I was invited to a ‘Cell’,  a Bible Study. I was just off the plane after flying for something like 20 hours and hadn’t slept more than three, but I’d decided that I was going to be all in on this adventure, so I went. I met a bunch of beautiful people who welcomed me with open arms and after a few weeks one of the women there, who has since become a wonderful friend, shared that the devil had been oppressing her something fierce. She had been unable to sleep much at all due to long term insomnia and whatever sleep she had was always full of horrifying demonic oppression, so quite logically she was afraid to sleep, putting her in an awful position.

I remember so clearly that as I prayed for her that evening God showed me a vision of a kind of black hole, but with purple energy amidst it; very bizarre. I continued to pray about other things, making a mental note to ask God about that one later. Back at home I asked God about it again and he led me out of my room and into the stairwell where he again showed me a vision of this black hole type thing: a tunnel of sorts winding into a cavernous room where dwelt three demons, all symbolizing the oppression over this woman, and all along this tunnel the floor was littered with warriors garbed in purple. It was a crazy sight to behold and I was kind of freaked out. Next thing I knew God drew me into battle and commanded me to engage in spiritual warfare on behalf of this woman. Every day for 8 days God called me back to pray on behalf of this woman, and by the eighth day it was finished, the battle won. I hesitantly went and told her what I had seen and experienced in my prayer times; What if I was wrong and making this stuff up? I asked her how she was sleeping and if she still felt the oppression.

We had a moment there of crazy revelation and an incredible moving of the Holy Spirit as she told me that in the last couple of days the demons that had been oppressing her in her dreams had been vanquished and she didn’t encounter them anymore. Needless to say, we were both overwhelmed and praised God for the freedom she experienced! At home, I went to prayer and thanked God for the victory, but I had no idea that the battle had just started. He told me that we’d just been through the 1st phase of 5; this battle was going to last for forty days (a number I am sure God did not chose by accident). So I went back to prayer..

In the third phase God spoke to me in visions and metaphors, which is a little scary. It is one thing to hear a word or two, but He played these visions out like a cinema. I prayed with all I had for clarity and wisdom because to bring any word of my own into God’s story would detrimental to the integrity and truth of what God was saying. I was super anxious to bring this element of the battle to her, mainly because I was afraid that I had been mishearing God or that I had made up this story. The metaphors he used were bizarre and I had no idea what it could mean. As I recounted the visions to her from start to finish I was terrified, and if in that moment you had desired to cut the tension in the air you would have needed a chainsaw, not just a knife. There were tears and we were all overwhelmed; God had spoken some major stuff into her life that I had no idea about, but her friends knew exactly what it was about and attested that it was from God. It was a moment of utter disbelief on all our parts; how does this even happen? How is it that God can speak such weird and bizarre things, and have it speak life? How does this impossible message happen? I left stunned and in awe of what we had just experienced.

In the final phase of the battle God called me to pray against insomnia and I did, faithfully reaching 40 nights of intercession (I may have broken the streak once or twice). After fighting on her behalf behind the scenes I knew I had to talk with her and let her know that God desired to free her from insomnia, and that all that was left was for her to claim the victory and trust in God for freedom to be hers. We sat and prayed, together with another friend of ours, and she chose life, chose to trust in God and not to let the devil have this power over her any more. It was a quiet moment, no earthquake happened, no blinding light; just a simple, faithful trust in God. Imagine the joy that we shared when I saw her in the next few days as she told me that the oppression of insomnia that she had been struggling under for almost ten years was gone overnight! Not even a gradual tapering off, it stopped overnight! I couldn’t believe it! Even after all the miraculous stuff we had experienced so far I doubted that such oppression would just be tossed out like that. I won’t doubt God on that one again!

Honestly, I am still clueless as to how any of my meagre prayers can have heavenly power. I mean, it’s pretty laughable that the God of the universe, the author of all creation, would choose to involve us in his plans of redemption for the world; why would he need us? In short, he doesn’t; but he chooses us. Jesus came and in his first public appearance declared amongst other things that he came ‘to set the oppressed free’ (Luke 4:18), and then later blessed us with the Holy Spirit, saying this to his disciples as a declaratory preamble to His returning to heaven: ‘Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father’ (John 14:12). I don’t say all this to boast, for to boast would make a fool of me and a mockery of Christ. Everything I have is already His, and every blessing His gift to me. The blessing of the Holy Spirit gives us access to Christ, and through him I have come to realise that there is no limit. No limit to how God can transform our lives; no limit to his kingdom being realised on earth; no limit on what the Holy Spirit can do with a faithful servant.

There is no limit on the impossible becoming reality.

Grace and Peace.


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